Life Cosmos Hospital is adding a new ICU

Gavin Morrow

By Gavin Morrow

Life Cosmos Hospital is excited to announce the launch of its new ICU building project that kicked off in the second week of January 2017. The new project will include 16 adult ICU beds; four paediatric ICU beds and a specialised 6 bed burns unit.


Life Cosmos Hospital’s current capacity is 10 medical ICU beds; five surgical ICU beds and a 10 bed neonatal ICU. Due to high occupancy in these units, some patients have been transferred

to other facilities. It is important for Life Cosmos Hospital to make it convenient for our patients and loved ones to ensure they are admitted to a local hospital.

The addition of the specialised burns unit is the first of its kind for the Life Healthcare Group, the first private of its kind in Mpumalanga and the second private unit in South Africa.

“Currently, Life Cosmos Hospital transfer patients with burn wounds exceeding 30% of their body to other facilities in the city. With the new unit, we will be able to manage all categories of burn wounds,” says Sterna van der Merwe, nursing manager.

The unit will see a multi- disciplinary approach with the addition of specialised nursing staff, specialised doctors and auxiliary services such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nutritionists to take care of patients from the time of injury to the post- hospital rehabilitative period.


The expansion will see growth within Life Cosmos Hospital with an estimate of 61 new job opportunities. “The burns unit will see the recruitment of 18 employees, the surgical ICU 15 employees, medical ICU 22 employees and the paediatric ICU 6 employees. This includes nursing and administration positions,” explained Sterna van der Merwe. Recruitment will commence in July 2017.

The building project is estimated to be completed at the end of November 2017. Life Cosmos Hospital would like to thank the local community for their continued support and understanding during the building project.

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